Die Casting


The light weight, durability and corrosion resistance of aluminium are significant qualities for many of our customers. Customer-based R&D  and a network of experts  act as a basis for demanding aluminium castings. Robotized production cells and the latest know-how enable cost-efficient and rapid production. 


The good casting qualities, dimensional accuracy and electrical conductivity of  zinc are superior compared  to plastic in many applications. Zinc is suitable in manufacturing fittings and many kinds of small mechanical components. 
Further Processing:

We also supply milling and machining, deburring,  different surface treatments and assembly for castings. The company’s self-sufficiency on the part of machining, deburring and assembly brings cost savings to the customer.


System Deliveries

Our close cooperation within the Ouneva Group enables flexible system deliveries, which means that a product entity may include, for example, sheet metal parts, electronics and assemblied wire harnesses.