Jotwire Oy manufactures wire and cable harnesses, electronics and system assemblies for many companies in the special vehicle, electronics, engineering and electricity industries. Efficient production processes, modern production technology, a wide supplier network and a professional staff guarantee cost-efficient production and high-quality products.

Wire and Cable Harnesses

The processing of harnesses and cables is extensively automated with modern and efficient machines which also have extensive quality control features. The large production volume enables efficient supply channels for components and offers a flexible capacity to suit customers’ needs. Our professional staff conducts the manufacturing of wire harnesses based on our own documentation system in a high-quality and efficient manner. We execute the testing and quality control of wire and cable harnesses based on customer-specific demands.


The core of our electronics production is a modern surface-mounting  line for automated circuit board production. It is suitable for flexible production of small and medium-sized series. In quality assurance we use an automatic optical inspection and advanced product-specific testing solutions. Manual assembly, a wave soldering process and various other processes and enclosure alternatives for circuit boards complete the automatic SMD process. The final assembly and testing of electronics enables the manufacturing of the entire device and delivery as a ready product in the sales package.

System Assemblies

Our strong know-how in manual and automated assembly provides efficiency in system assemblies which typically combine components manufactured by several Ouneva Group units and purchased parts. Thanks to our own test design, we are also able to execute project-specific tests on extensive electric systems.