Valukumpu Oy is leading contract manufacturer in Finland. Major share of our products are exported.


We are manufacturing customer specific products for different industrial sectors as a subcontractor. At the moment we are subcontracting nearly 5000 different parts and assemblies including over 800 connectors to our customers in telecommunications, electronics, medical, automotive and construction industry.

Design and tool manufacturing:

Valukumpu Oy has possibility to design plastic products, metal products, production tools and assembly lines.  We also have full tool making department in-house.


Valukumpu Oy stamps precise metal components for several industry sectors, in strip form or as a loose parts. Typical material thicknesses vary from 0,07mm to 10mm. We have 11 progressive stamping presses, pressing forces 18 - 200 tn.


Stamped metal stripes can be plated to customer specified coating thickness. 
Four electro-chemical reel-to-reel plating lines and one chemical plating line for MID-LDS process

Surface coatings with following materials: 
• nickel
• tin
• palladium

Injection Moulding:

Valukumpu Oy has a long-term experience from integrating plastic and metal in fully automated over-moulding process. We are manufacturing over 4000 different thermo- and thermosetting plastic component for different fields of industry.


We have total of 100 modern injection-moulding machines in operation. Machine sizes from 20ton to 530ton.


We offer cost efficient solutions from manual to full automatic assembly services. Check also Valukumpu Russia Oy. We are also open to ideas for any new client based service solutions. 


MID is the abbreviation for Moulded Interconnect Device


The goal of MID Technology is to unite electrical and mechanical functions in a single construction unit. The circuit tracks can be integrated into the component housing as a substitute for a conventional printed circuit board. As a result, weight and fitting space can be effectively reduced.